Truth behind the badge with Team South Florida: TSF E15: Teresa Kondek interview

We sat down with Teresa Kondek to share with us over five years later, how her husband, Charlie Kondek's legacy lives on. We also took the opportunity to hear what Teresa felt about some current trends involving her Law Enforcement Family.

Honoring and Celebrating the Life of Officer Charles Kondek, Beyond The Badge

In this episode we honor the life of Officer Charles Kondek Jr. who served with the Tarpon Springs Police Department. Jackie Campbell speaks with Teresa Kondek, Charles' wife about his life, his legacy and how you can support law enforcement families struggling with loss.

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Podcast with Sgt. Betsy Branter-Smith from the National Police Association on

August 6, 2022. 

In this is the NPA report, we interview someone that we profiled with our National Police Association Facebook pagef not long ago. Teresa Kondek, widow of Officer Charles Kondek, JR., is doing some really great work out there for the law enforcement profession and for our families.

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